May 17, 2018                                  


Voting Members Present: Pam Graham, Aberdeen; Roland Hall, Sampson County; Chris Kennedy, Southern Pines; Mike Mitchell (Proxy for Jessie Belflowers), Hope Mills;  David Nash (Proxy for  ), Fayetteville. Kim Nazarzik, Eastover; Mark Locklear, Harnett County (Secretary); John K. McNeill, Raeford (Vice Chairman);

Voting Members Absent: Bob Davis, Scotland County; Tony Buzzard, Lillington;  Patsy Carson, Erwin; Kris Kosem, Vass;  Dixon Ivey, Jr, Robeson County; Mike Mandville, Laurinburg;  Robert McLaughlin, Wagram (Chairman); Tracy Parris, Richmond County;  Daniel Geralds, Spring Lake; and Michelle Lexo, Whispering Pines; Jeff Sanborn, Pinehurst; Harry Southerland, Hoke County; Theresa Thompson (Proxy for Debra Ensminger), Moore County;

Additional Board of Directors Present:  Al Aycock, At Large, Fort Bragg;  Will Best, NC Department of Commerce;  Mike Lynch, At Large; Susan Miller, US Fish & Wildlife Service;   and Andy Spendlove, Fort Bragg .

Non-Voting Members Present: Kathy Blake, Aberdeen; Jim Caldwell, Mid-Carolina Cog; Jim Dougherty, Executive Director RLUAC; Pete Edmonds, Fort Bragg; Chester Green, Fayetteville; Frank Laris, Fort Bragg; Jennifer Oppenlander, Fayetteville;

Guests Present:  Drew Brooks, Fayetteville Observer; Glenda Dye, Mid-Carolina COG; Jason Epley, Benchmark Planning;  Josh Grandliewald, FAMPO; Vagn Hansen, Benchmark Planning; Matt Hogan, AECOM; Robert Hosford, NC Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services; Barry Hull, Fort Bragg; Tiffanie Kennan;  Christine Michaels, Greater Fayetteville Chamber; Mike Rutan, Mid-Carolina COG; Elton Turner; & Mrs Turner


I. CALL TO ORDER – Vice Chairman John K. McNeill called the meeting to order at 11:55 am. McNeill then asked the attendees to introduce themselves.

II. INVOCATION – John K. McNeill offered the invocation for the meeting.

III.  PRESENTATIONNC Sentinel Landscapes: Unconventional Partnership - Robert Hosford, Military Liaison, NC Department of Agriculture – Hosford reported that the Sentinel Landscapes program came into existence three year ago.  It now includes the Federal Coordinating Commission,  thirty-three counties in North Carolina, conservation organizations, private property owners, and military installations. Sentinel Landscapes tries to identify and protect aviation corridors, setup thirty year conservation easements with private property owner, and purchase development rights from willing sellers. 

ACTION: Information

IV. PRESENTATION – Military Geo Spatial Mapping Project – Matt Hogan, GIS Manager, AECOM – Matt explained that the Military Geo Spatial Mapping project was initiated by Session Law 2017-192, Section 13(d) GS 62-133.8 which was passed last year by the North Carolina General Assembly. The legislation’s purpose was to study the extent and scope of military operations in the state and to create a suite of maps that define the military readiness and defense capabilities in North Carolina.  The project has created base maps showing existing land use conditions in areas surrounding the military installations.   The project’s final product will be  “GIS existing conditions maps”.  The deliverables are due on May 31st

ACTION: Information

V. PRESENTATION –  Joint    Land   Use Study   “draft” Recommendations – Jason Epley and Vagn Hansen,  Benchmark  Planning  Consultants – Hansen explained that the Draft Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) should be completed and available for review in June or July.  In August through September one final round of presentations will be made to the Commissioners in the Counties of Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Moore, Richmond, and Scotland.  The JLUS will then be finalized and presented to Mid-Carolina Council of Governments for its formal acceptance in late August or early September. 

Hansen shared that the recommendations have been reviewed and approved by Fort Bragg officials and the RLUAC Board of Directors.  He then reviewed in detail the four categories of the draft JLUS recommendations.                                                    

In the implementation phase of the JLUS project, Benchmark will assist RLUAC in preparing an implementation plan grant proposal for submission to the Office of Economic Adjustment.  Likely proposals will include updating the RLUAC GIS database, redesigning the RLUAC website and launching the RLUAC case management tools.  The request will likely also include a request for money to assist local governments in adopting compliance plan supports, a compatible use ordinance toolbox, GIS assistance, and assistance with the Green Growth Toolbox.

ACTION: Information

VI. SPECIAL PRESENTATION – Jim Dougherty – Dougherty recognized and presented retiring Mid-Carolina Council of Governments Executive Director Jim Caldwell the RLUAC Distinguished Service Award. Dougherty reported that Caldwell has been a great personal friend and strong supporter of RLUAC throughout his entire long tenure at Mid-Carolina. He will be greatly missed.


Minutes – Chris Kennedy made a motion to approve the minutes for the Quarterly meeting held on February 15th and Jim Caldwell seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION:  Approved

Financial Report – John K. McNeill reported that RLUAC had a cash balance of

$ 20.303.70 on January 31, 2018.   Receipts for February, March, and April totaled  $ 8,956.47.. Expenditures for the same quarter totaled $ 13,123.09. That left a balance of $16,137.08 on April 30, 2018. Roland Hall made a motion to approve the financial report and Mike Lynch seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION: Approved

VIII.   ADJOURN - There being no further business, McNeill adjourned the meeting at 12:45 PM.