NOVEMBER 16, 2017

Voting Members Present: Roland Hall, Sampson County; David Nash (Proxy for Ted Mohn), Fayetteville. Kim Nazarzik, Eastover; Mark Locklear, Harnett County (Secretary); Pam Graham, Aberdeen; Chris Kennedy, Southern Pines; Robert McLaughlin, Wagram (Chairman); John K. McNeill, Raeford (Vice Chairman); Harry Southerland, Hoke County;

Voting Members Absent: Travis Allen (Proxy for Bob Davis), Scotland County; Tony Buzzard, Lillington; Patsy Carson, Erwin; Kris Kosem, Vass; Dixon Ivey, Jr, Robeson County; Mike Mandville, Laurinburg; Bryan Marley, Hope Mills; Tracy Parris, Richmond County; and Jeff Sanborn, Pinehurst; Thompson Thompson (Proxy for Debra Ensminger), Moore County; Vacant, Spring Lake; and Vacant, Whispering Pines.

Additional Board of Directors Present: Andrew Spendlove, Fort Bragg; Greg Bean, At Large; Susan Miller, US Fish & Wildlife Service; and Andy Spendlove, Fort Bragg .

Non-Voting Members Present: Jim Caldwell, Mid-Carolina COG; Jim Dougherty, Executive Director RLUAC; Pete Edmonds, Fort Bragg; Frank Laras, Fort Bragg; Tom Lloyd, Fayetteville; Bruce Naegelen, NC Department of Commerce; Monica Stephenson, Fort Bragg

Guests Present: Al Aycock, Retired General; Aaron Barnes, Cumberland County; Drew Brooks, Fayetteville Observer; Denise Bruce, Sustainable Sandhills; Cecil Combs, Cumberland County; Kacy Cook , NC Wildlife Resources Commission; Will Deaton, Fayetteville; Glenda Dye, Mid-Carolina COG; Jason Epley, Benchmark Planning; Gabriela Garrison, NC Wildlife Resources Commission; Josh Grandliewald, FAMPO; Vagn Hansen, Benchmark Planning; Barry Hull, Fort Bragg; David Kennedy, Office of Economic Adjustment: Korey Kiger, Rep Szoka Staff; Mike Rutan, Mid-Carolina COG; Roger Vickers, Fort Bragg

I. CALL TO ORDER – Chairman Robert McLaughlin called the meeting to order at 11:55 am. McLaughlin then asked the attendees to introduce themselves.

II. INVOCATION – Roland Hall offered the invocation for the meeting.

III. PRESENTATION – Roger Vickers, Fort Bragg PAIO – Vickers reported that over

the next five years Fort Bragg is anticipating the stationing of at least 2,500 more troops. He said that virtually every tenet organization at the installation is expecting growth. With the current number of 54,000 service members and reservists, Vickers

said that Fort Bragg is currently one of the largest military installations in the world – with the additional troops it will be the largest. Although the projected growth number is currently only speculative, he said that it should be much clearer by RLUAC’s February meeting. He therefore offered to return with firmer information at the next RLUAC meeting.

ACTION: Information

IV. PRESENTATION – Joint Land Use Study Updates – Jason Epley and Vagn

Hansen, Benchmark Planning Consultants – Epley reported that the JLUS
is somewhat behind schedule due to a couple of factors beyond their control – the four month delay in getting the grant approved by OEA and the extended time that it took for the military noise study to be completed. As a consequence Jim Dougherty, the project manager, will request a non-funded extension for the study from OEA. The new anticipated date for completion is September 30, 2018. Epley said that a draft of the study should be completed by March and the final study in August.

Hansen presented the latest noise data gathered for the JLUS. He shared that since the military conducted its last noise study several years ago, there has been a slight increase in the off post noise contours from the large caliber weapons and a slight shrinking of the military aircraft noise contours - due to recent changes in activities at both Pope and Simmons AAF.

ACTION: Information


• Minutes – Cecil Combs made a motion to approve the minutes for the Quarterly meeting held on August 17th and John K. McNeill seconded the motion. The
ACTION: Approved

• Financial Report – Robert McLaughlin reported that RLUAC had a cash balance of $ 30,877.50 on July 31, 2017. Receipts for August, September and October totaled $ 7,070.98. Expenditures for the same quarter totaled $ 10,221.65. That left a balance of $ 27,726.83 on October 31, 2017. Roland Hall made a motion to approve the financial report and Mark Locklear seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.
ACTION: Approved

• Consideration / Approval of Tracy Jackson to replace Tad Davis as the Cumberland County representative on the Board of Directors – John K. McNeill made a motion to approve Tracy Jackson and Mark Locklear seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.
ACTION: Approved

• Consideration / Approval of General Al Aycock to serve on the RLUAC Board of Directors as either a full member or as an ex-officio member. Roland Hall made the motion and it was seconded by Mark Locklear. The motion passed unanimously.
ACTION: Approved

• Special Presentation – Tad Davis was recognized for his service as both Spring Lake’s Voting Member and as the Cumberland County representative on the RLUAC Board of Directors with a presentation of its “Distinguished Service Awared”
ACTION: Information

VI. ADJOURN - There being no further business, McLaughlin adjourned the meeting at 12:30 PM.