At the quarterly RLUAC meeting held on August 18th, Monica Stevenson, Director of Fort Bragg’s Directorate of Public Works (DPW) explained that Fort Bragg currently has 162,816 acres of property.  In terms of the built environment, it has grown from 23 million square feet in 1985 to 52.3 million square feet in 2015.  Throughout the past thirty-one years construction expenditures have averaged $185 million per year, yielding a net growth of 29.3 million square feet of building space.  With all the growth at Fort Bragg, Monica said that it is by far the largest army installation in the US.  The next largest army posts are Joint Base Lewis-McChord with 40.3 million square feet of buildings and a population of 52,737 and Fort Hood with 37.9 million square feet of building space and a population of 60,846 people.
The total value of Fort Bragg projects currently under construction is $546.1 million.  The major projects under construction include the  USACAPOC Head Quarters, two new Elementary Schools, the JFK Special Warfare Center,  several new buildings at Patriot Point, and completion of facilities at Camp Mackall for the Gray Eagle UAV.
Monica shared that construction money allocated to Fort Bragg through FY 2020 is expected to experience a significant decline.

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