At the RLUAC Quarterly Meeting held on November 19th, General (RET) Paul Dordal, North Carolina Military Affairs Commission, explained that the new North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs was created by the North Carolina General Assembly to include all military and veterans issues. General (RET) Cornell Wilson has been appointed by the Governor to serve as the Department’s first Secretary. The Department currently has two Divisions: a) the Division of Veterans Affairs which is headed by Deputy Secretary Ilario Pantano and b) the Division of Military Affairs, which is still awaiting a Deputy Secretary appointment. The new Department now contains the pre-existing Veterans’ Affairs Commission, the Governor’s Jobs for Veterans Committee, and the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission. Key duties of the new Department include providing a) an active outreach to the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security and their associated establishments in North Carolina and b) to enhance the State’s military friendly environment. For more details, please see the attached PowerPoint presentation.

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