- Numbers are Significantly Lower than the NC Average

At the RLUAC quarterly meeting conducted on May 21st Robert Farrell, Hoke County’s Planning Director, presented some very interesting findings from a study that he recently completed concerning residential building construction trends  within the Fort Bragg Region over the past five years .  His sources of information included Fort Bragg, the US Census Bureau, and data provided by local county departments.  

He found that most of the counties within the region have experienced a significant drop in the number of new homes being constructed since 2010. Yet, the overall number of new housing units state-wide has remained fairly constant over the same time period.  

In trying to determine what might be contributing to the construction decline in the Fort Bragg region, Robert contacted staff at the Fort.  They explained that from a troop strength high of 153,000 soldiers in 2012 and 2013, the number has declined to 149,000 troops in 2014.  They are expected to drop even further this year -- to approximately 146,500 soldiers.  

In addition, Robert discovered that the average price of new homes in the Fort Bragg region has dropped from a little over $155,000 in 2013 to a little higher than $140,000 in 2015.  He observed that during that same period construction labor costs rose from $22.51 per hour in April 2012 to $25.13 in December of 2014.  Also, Robert discovered that the cost of residential building materials rose by 45% over the past decade.  

It is likely that speculation concerning the massive population growth in the Fort Bragg region, which was projected as a result of the 2005 BRAC (and did not actually occur) led to the over-construction of new residential units and has contributed to the current glut of unsold units.

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