BraggSoldiersAt the RLUAC quarterly meeting conducted on August 21st Mr. Roger Vickers, Fort Bragg’s Army Stationing and Installation Plan Manager, explained that the Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP) is the official Department of the Army database that reflects the authorized planning population for installations.  The ASIP provides installation population authorizations to all Office of the Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM) systems and is the basis for developing Base Operators Services (BOS) and Military Construction Requirements (MILCON) at Fort Bragg.  The ASIP is the Common Operating Picture (COP) for the installation population projections for Army / Fort Bragg planning.  The ASIP provides a consistent look at forces to be supported by Fort Bragg, visibility to potential planning issues, an audit trail to Army Force planning and documentation, and a feedback loop to help correct Force Structure Discrepancies through the AR 5-10 process.  The ASIP is used by the OACSIM, the Installation Management Command (IMCOM), the Army Commands (ACOM), the Total Army Basing Study (TAA/BRAC), Reserve Components (USAR and ARNG), Department of Defense (DOD), Army Secretariat/Army Audit Agency (USAAA), the General Accounting Office (GAO), and the Fort Bragg ASIP editor.

Vickers explained that according to the information contained in the ASIP, the Fort Bragg population is projected to contract from a FY 13 high population of 153,500 to a low of 145,519 through the years FY 14 through FY 20.  However mitigating factors that may further reduce the projected decreases are the anticipated increases in the number of Special Forces training students at the fort and the desire of many Army units (stationed elsewhere) to relocate to Fort Bragg.  The outtake is that Fort Bragg is likely safe from deep cuts in military and civilian personnel through the year 2020.

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