After passing both the North Carolina House of Representatives and Senate (on unanimous votes), HB 254 – “Zoning Changes / Notice to Military Bases” was signed into law by the Govenor on May 30th  (Ch. SL 2013-59). It will take effect immediately upon adoption. The bill, cosponsored by Representatives Glazier, Lewis, Lucas, and Szoka, corrects and expands several requirements contained in Session Law 2004-75.
For the past several years, RLUAC, its twenty local government members, and Fort Bragg have been faithfully implementing the provisions of Session Law 2004-75. However, over that time several issues have arisen that hinder the law’s effectiveness within the Fort Bragg region – the “certified mail” notification requirement and the law’s failure to include proposed subdivisions, telecom towers, and windmills in the military notification requirement.
HB 254, as adopted by the North Carolina General Assembly, addresses these issues. It now allows the local governments to notify the military of proposed land use changes by “certified mail or by any other written means reasonably designed to provide actual notice to the commander of the military base or the commander’s designee.” It also expands the notification requirement to include (in addition to zoning changes) “changes relating to telecommunications towers or windmills” and “changes to proposed new major subdivision preliminary plats.”
To view the complete text of HB 254 and to follow its chronology through the NC General Assembly, you can visit the NC legislative website at  www.ncleg.net and look up HB 254 or click here.

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