Voting Members Present: Debra Ensminger, Moore County; Roland Hall, Sampson County; Mark Locklear, Harnett County (Secretary); Mike Lynch, At Large; Robert McLaughlin, Wagram (Chairman); & John K. McNeill, Raeford (Vice Chairman).


Voting Members Absent: Tony Buzzard, Lillington; Patsy Carson, Erwin; Bob Davis, Scotland County; Tad Davis, Spring Lake; Edwin Deaver, Hope Mills; Pam Graham, Aberdeen; Kris Kosem, Vass; Charles Evans, Cumberland County; Dixon Ivey, Jr, Robeson County; Ted Mohn, Fayetteville; Charles Nichols, Laurinburg; Bart Nuckols, Southern Pines; Tracy Parris, Richmond County; Kevin Reed, Pinehurst;, & Harry Southerland, Hoke County.


Non-Voting Members Present: Jon Chase, Fort Bragg; Jim Dougherty, Executive Director RLUAC; Jeff Marcus, TNC; David Nash, Fayetteville; Glen Prillaman, Fort Bragg;


Guests Present: Drew Brooks, Fayetteville Observer; Jim Caldwell, Mid Carolina COG; Paul Dordal, NC Military Affairs Commission; Floyd Hudson, Fort Bragg; Julia Love, Fort Bragg ; Michael Manderville; FAMPO; Jennifer Oppenlander, Cumberland County; Mike Rutan, Mid-Carolina RPO; Joel Strickland, FAMPO; & Tami Wolrab, Mid Carolina COG;


I.       CALL TO ORDER – Chairman Robert McLaughlin called the meeting to order at 12:02 PM.  He then asked the voting members, non-voting members, and guests to introduce themselves. 


II.     INVOCATION – RLUAC Vice Chair, John K. McNeill, offered the invocation for the meeting.


III.  PRESENTATION - “North Carolina’s New Department of Military and Veteran’s   Affairs” – General (RET) Paul Dordal, Governor’s Military Affairs Commission – Dordal explained that the new Department was created by the North Carolina  General Assembly to include all military and veterans issues within one department.  General (RET) Cornell Wilson has been appointed to be the Department’s first Secretary.  The Department currently has two Divisions: a) the Division of Veterans Affairs headed by Deputy Secretary Ilario Pantano and b) the Division of Military Affairs, which is still awaiting a Deputy Secretary appointment.  The new Department includes the Veterans’ Affairs Commission, the Governor’s Jobs for Veterans Committee, and the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission.  Key duties of the new Department are to provide a) an active outreach to the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security and their associated establishments in North Carolina and b) to enhance the State’s military friendly environment.

ACTION:  Information


IV.  PRESENTATION – “Duties and Responsibilities of Fayetteville Area           Metropolitan Planning Organization” – Joel Strickland, Executive Director – Strickland      explained that a Metropolitan Planning Organization is a transportation policy making body composed of representatives from local government and transportation agencies with authority and responsibility in metropolitan planning.  They have five core responsibilities including:  1) to establish and manage fair and impartial regional decision making, 2) identify and evaluate alternative transportation improvement options, 3) prepare and maintain a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), to develop a Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), and involve the public.  MPO’s are federally mandated and funded.  Federal-Aid highway funding requires a local match.  The Fayetteville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO) qualifies as a Transportation Management Area (TMA) – which is a metropolitan area with a population of 200,000 or more people.  MPO’s are intended to ensure that existing and future transportation expenditure are based on a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive planning process.  FAMPO includes a Citizen Advisory Committee, a Technical Coordinating Committee, and a Transportation Policy Board.  Strickland displayed several examples of transportation projects that have been approved and are under construction in the Fayetteville Region.  They include segments of I-295, the Rowan Street Bridge in downtown Fayetteville and the Cape Fear River Trail.


         ACTION:  Information





  • MINUTES – Roland Hall made a motion to approve the minutes for the Quarterly meeting held on August 20th and Mark Locklear seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION:  Approved


  • FINANCIAL REPORT – McLaughlin reported that RLUAC had a cash balance of

$ 34,323.05 on September 30th. There were no receipts in October. Expenditures for the month totaled   $ 2,828.24.That left a cash balance of $ 31,494.81  on October 31st .  Mike Lynch made a motion to approve the financial report and John K. McNeill seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.




  • CONDERATION/APPROVAL OF TAD DAVIS TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS – John K. McNeill made a motion to approve the appointment of Tad Davis to the Board of Directors and Mike Lynch seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION: Approved



  • CONSIDERATION/APPROVAL OF TONY BUZZARD TO REPRESENT HARNETT COUNTY ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Roland Hall made a motion to make Tony Buzzard the Harnett County representative on the Board of Directors and Mark Locklear seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION:  Approved




  • Land Use Reviews - Dougherty reported that he and the Board reviewed only 21 land use cases during the July thru September quarter – one of the lowest number in several years. The number has picked up somewhat for the partial quarter of October thru mid November with 21 cases review and 6 more pending – totaling 27 cases: They are as follows:

  • 2 cases for Cumberland County

  • 11 cases for Fayetteville

  • 6 cases for Harnett County

  • 2 cases for Moore County

  • 6 cases for Southern Pines


  • Other Activities for the Quarter – Dougherty reported that he had also been involved with the following administrative activities:

  • Prepared the meeting minutes following the August quarterly Meeting

  • Prepared the financial reports for August, September, and October

  • Prepared and submitted quarterly invoice to Atkins Company in October

  • Contacted speakers and organized November quarterly meeting

  • Worked with NC Department of Commerce staff to update GIS database

  • Worked to renew land use review contract with Fort Bragg

                     ACTON: Information

VII.     ADJOURN - There being no further business, McLaughlin adjourned the meeting at  1:18 PM.  McLaughlin reminded everyone that the next RLUAC meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 18, 2016.  Location to be determined.






Next Quarterly Meeting       November 16, 2017
Spring Lake Family Resource Center
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103 Lake Tree Blvd


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