Voting Members Present: Brandi Deese, Laurinburg; Pam Graham (Proxy for Bill Zell), Aberdeen; Mark Locklear, Harnett County;Robert McLaughlin, Wagram (Vice Chair); Chris Kennedy (Proxy for Bart Nuckols), Southern Pines; Tracy Parris, Richmond County; & Jean Powell, Hoke County (Chairperson).

Voting Members Absent: Patsy Carson, Erwin; Tony Buzzard, Spring Lake; Bob Davis, Scotland County; Edwin Deaver, Hope Mills;Roland Hall, Sampson County;Dixon Ivey, Jr, Robeson County; Bethany Johnson . Vass; Billy King, Cumberland County.. John K. McNeill, Raeford; Ted Mohn, Fayetteville; Bill Summers, Lillington, Kevin Reed, Pinehurst ; & Jeremy Rust, Moore County.  

Non-Voting Members Present: Will Best, NC Commerce;Jim Dougherty, Executive Director RLUAC; Danial Martin, Aberdeen; David Nash, Fayetteville; Glen Prillaman, Fort Bragg; & Scott Shuford, Fayetteville.

Guests Present: Jim Caldwell, Mid Carolina COG; Jon Chase, Fort Bragg; Hannah Ehrenreich, Sustainable Sandhills; Bryan Gossage, NC DENR; Jeffrey Gowen, NC Military Business Council; Chad Ham, Fayetteville PWC; John Harbison, Fort Bragg Regional Alliance; Angie Hedgepeth, Realtors Association; Paul Hoover, Spring Lake; Barry Hull, Fort Bragg Contractor; Julia Love, Fort Bragg Contractor; Jeff Marcus, TNC; Mick Noland, Fayetteville PWC; Linda Pfau, Fort Bragg Contractor; Deanna Rosario, Sustainable Sandhills; Katie Sauerbrey, TNC; Joel Strickland, Mid Carolina COG; Nancy Talton, SALT; Pier Varner, Cumberland County; Deloma West, Cumberland County; & Tami Wolrab, Mid Carolina COG

I.       CALL TO ORDER – Jean Powell, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 11:57 AM. She then asked the voting members, non-voting members, and guests to introduce themselves.

II.     INVOCATION – Fort Bragg’sGlen Prillaman, offered the invocation for the meeting.


III. PRESENTATION– “North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund”, Bryan Gossage, Executive Director – Gossage explained that he currently wears four hats. He oversees the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program, Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership, and the Stewardship Program.


         Focusing on the Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF), Gossage explained the funding guidelines for the program. The proposed projects must enhance or restore degraded waters; protect unpolluted waters and/or contribute toward a network of riparian buffers and greenways for environmental, educational, and recreational, benefits; provide buffers around military bases to protect the military mission; acquire land that represents the ecological diversity of North Carolina; and acquire land that contributes to the development of a balanced State program of historic properties. For 2014 the Trust Fund has received six applications for a total request of $3,736,947. The CWMTF has awarded $1,578,701. And with provisional awards has approved $3,523,483. Of local interest in the Fort Bragg Region, the CWMTF has awarded a grant of $1,527,605 to the fort during the current year.

         Gossage went on to describe their new pilot program focusing on Camp Butner that they have entitled “Land Use Blueprint”. He noted that the described process is virtually identical to the one developed for the RLUAC sponsored Fort Bragg Region Joint Land Use Study that was completed in 2004.

         In questioning, Gossage indicated that CWMTF might be able to assist RLUAC and its partners with an update of the GIS database.

         ACTION: Information

IV. PRESENTATION – “Climate Change University”. Hanah Ehrenreich, Executive Director of Sustainable Sandhills. Ehrenreich explained that the goals of the Climate Solutions University are to assistlocal communities in the challenging work of adapting to climate change; protecting vulnerable citizens from floods and drought; conserving water resources; preserving watershed health;stabilizimg micro-climates; maintaining species habitat; preserving the economy and infrastructure; and ensuring community climate resilience.

         The need for this effort is real. Ehrenreich explained that climate emergencies are rapidly increasing. For example, the number of recorded hurricanes hitting North Carolina per decade has more than doubled since the 1940’s, projected sea level rise of eight inches is expected by 2044 (30 years from now), and although the upper temperatures in North Carolina have not shifted much -- the average lows have risen.

         To date partners for the project include, Sustainable Sandhills, Fort Bragg, RLUAC, Methodist University, Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville Technical Community College, the City of Fayetteville, the Hoke County Planning Department, the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and several other agencies.

         ACTION: Information


  • MINUTES – Robert McLaughlin made a motion to approve the minutes for the Quarterly meeting held on August 21st and Mark Locklear seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION: Approved

  • FINANCIAL REPORT - Dougherty reported that RLUAC had a cash balance of

$ 41,419.67 on September 30th.There were no receipts for October. Expenditures for the month totaled   $2,966.22.This left a cash balance of $38,453.45 on October 31st. Mark Locklear made a motion to approve the financial report and Robert McLaughlin seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION: Approved


  • NOMINATION OF TRACY PARIS TO BOARD OF DIRECTORS – . Powell explained that the Board of Directors recommended the appointment of Tracy Paris to the RLUAC Board. Tracy is the new Richmond County Planning Director replacing James Armstrong. Pam Graham made a motion to approve the appointment of Tracy Paris to the Board.       Mark Locklear seconded the motion.       The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION: Approved


  • NOMINATION OF SLATE OF OFFICERS – Powell presented the slate of officers proposed by the Board of Directors to lead RLUAC for the next two years – Robert McLaughlin, Chairman; John K. McNeill, Vice Chairman, and Mark Locklear, Secretary. She asked for any additional nominations from the floor. There being none she asked for a motion to approve the slate of officers by acclamation. Will Best made a motion to approve the slate of officers. Jean Powell seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION: Approved


  • Land Use Reviews - Dougherty reported that he and the Board reviewed 44 land use cases during the July through September quarter. The breakout includes:
    • 7 cases for Cumberland County
    • 27 cases for Fayetteville
    • 1 case for Spring Lake
    • 1 case for Hoke County
    • 5 cases for Moore County
    • 3 cases for Southern Pines
  • Outreach Activities for the Quarter – Dougherty reported that he had represented RLUAC in the following outreach activities:


  • Participated in a lunch meeting with representatives of Florida Windmill Company on 9/2
  • Participated in a meeting of the NC Sandhills Conservation Partnership in Southern Pines on 9/10
  • Organized and participated in Fort Bragg tour on 9/18
  • Prepared and submitted quarterly invoice to Atkins Company on 10/1
  • Met with Fort Bragg’s Jon Chase to discuss the future of the All American Trail on 10/9
  • Participated in RLUAC Board of Directors’ Meeting on 10/15

     ACTON: Information

VII.     ADJOURN - There being no further business, Jean Powel adjourned the meeting at 12:58 PM. Powell reminded everyone that the next RLUAC meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 19, 2015.


Next Quarterly Meeting       November 16, 2017
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