Hilltop House Restaurant, Fayetteville
February 21, 2019


Voting Members Present: Jessie Belflowers, Hope Mills; Kathy Blake (Proxy for Paul Sabiston), Aberdeen; Mike Lynch, At Large, (Secretary); Daniel Kelly, Hoffman; Chris Kennedy, Southern Pines; Robert McLaughlin, Wagram; John K McNeill, Raeford (Chairman) Kim Nazarzik, Eastover; Jeff Sanborn, Pinehurst; and Harry Southerland, Hoke County.

Voting Members Absent: Bob Davis, Scotland County; Tony Buzzard, Lillington; Patsy Carson, Erwin; Roland Hall, Sampson County; Debra Ensminger, Moore County: Mark Locklear, Harnett County (Vice Chairman); Tracy Jackson, Cumberland County; Kris Kosem, Vass; Dixon Ivey, Jr, Robeson County; Mike Mandville, Laurinburg; Tracy Parris, Richmond County; Daniel Geralds, Spring Lake; Michelle Lexo, Whispering Pines;

Additional Board of Directors Present: Greg Bean, At Large; Susan Miller, US Fish & Wildlife Service; Glen Prillaman, At Large; Andy Spendlove, Fort Bragg;

Non-Voting Members Present: Ken Arnold, Fort Bragg; Jim Dougherty, Executive Director RLUAC; Glenda Dye, Mid-Carolina COG; Pete Edmonds, Fort Bragg; Robert Farrell, Hoke County; Randy Franklin, Fort Bragg; Barry Hull, Fort Bragg; Grace Lawrence, NC Department of Commerce; David Nash, Fayetteville; Jennifer Oppenlander, Cumberland County

Guests Present: Andrew Barksdale, NC Department of Transportation; Pete Campbell, US Fish and Wildlife Service; Kacy Cook, NC Wildlife Resources Commission; Jason Epley, Benchmark Planning; Elmer Floyd, NC State Representative; Angie Hedgepeth, Fayetteville Region Association of Realtors. Christine Michaels, Greater Fayetteville Chamber; Rachael Riley, Fayetteville Observer; Joe Tew, NC Business Center; Eric Vitale, FAMPO; Sharon Williams, Fayetteville; Michael Wilson, Office of Economic Adjustment;

I. CALL TO ORDER – Chairman John K. McNeill called the meeting to order at 12:02 pm. He then asked the attendees to introduce themselves.

II. INVOCATION – John K. McNeill offered the invocation for the meeting.

III. PRESENTATION – “Legislative Update”, State Representative Elmer Floyd – Floyd said that the highest priorities of the NC budget include primary and secondary education, higher education and health. He serves on the House General Government Committee which received $438 million out of the total state budget of $23.3 billion last year. His committee oversees the NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. He said that it is a small department with the primary purpose of being an advocate agency for military and veteran’s concerns. This is part of the ongoing effort to make North Carolina the most military friendly state in the nation.

One of the Department’s programs provides $1 million per year to help local governments prevent encroachment and create buffers around the military reservations.

Locally Floyd said that there is an emphasis on completing the I-295 beltway around Fayetteville – which will be a great aid to Fort Bragg.

With the opportunity for North Carolina to retain many military retirees (which is a great economic boon to the state), legislative efforts are underway to make it easier for military personnel and their spouses to keep the professional certifications they brought with them when they were stationed in NC, to allow the state to recognize military certifications for truck drivers – which would make it easier for them to legally operate in the state, to provide more in-state college scholarships for military family members, to write off the first $100,000 of military retiree family income tax liability, and to create special license plates for female soldiers.

Floyd ended by emphasizing that North Carolina recognizes the importance of the military personnel to the economic health of the state.

ACTION: Information

IV. PRESENTATION – “Status Report – NC Department of Transportation Construction Projects in the Fort Bragg Region – Andrew Barksdale, NC DOT Public Information Officer – Barksdale gave updates concerning the Fayetteville Outer Loop (I-295), the proposed widening of I-95 and various other projects in Cumberland County, Spring Lake, Harnett County, Moore County, Richmond County, Scotland – Richmond Counties and Hoke County.

The Fayetteville Outer Loop is currently under construction from the All American Freeway to Cliffdale Road. It is expected to be open in late 2019. It is also under design/construction from I-95 in Robeson County to Camden Road in Cumberland County, July 2031. The overall completion of the entire loop is projected for 2024 – at a total cost of $1 billion.

NC DOT is currently working on a proposal to widen I-95 from mile marker 71 to mile marker 81 (I-40). The design-build contract is set to be let in May 2019. Ultimately DOT plans to widen I-95 from Virginia to South Carolina from the current 4 lanes to 6 and 8 lanes. It will not be constructed as a toll road.

Other projects in Cumberland County include construction of a Raeford Road median, widening the All American freeway from the current 4 lanes to 6 lanes, and construction of a Spring Lake Bypass (from NC 87 to Manchester Road),

In Harnett County there are plans to widen NC 55 and bypass around the Town of Angier. The first segment is scheduled to let in 2020.

In Moore County efforts are underway to convert US 1 and US 15/501 into a superstreet from Southern Pines through Aberdeen. Bids are to be let in November. An additional roundabout is planned for Midland Road and NC 22

In Richmond County the Rockingham Bypass (Future I-73/74 from south of Ellerbe to US 74 Bypass) has been accelerated by six years with letting scheduled for October of this year.

In Scotland County DOT plans to upgrade 10 miles of US 74 (between Hamlet and Laurinburg) to interstate standards.

In Hoke County plans are underway to let a proposal in May to close the median openings on US 401 at Pittman Grove Church Road and North Parker Church Road. Additionally DOT plans to widen Wayside Road, Rockfish Road, and Lindsay Road – letting in 2022.

ACTION: Information


Minutes – Mike Lynch made a motion to approve the minutes for the Quarterly meeting held on November 15th, 2018 and Greg Bean seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION: Approved

Financial Report – Glenda Dye reported that RLUAC had a cash balance of
$ 23,522.28 on October 31, 2018. Receipts for November 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019 totaled $ 550.00 (from membership dues). Expenditures for the same period totaled $ 9,667.72. That left a balance of $ 14,404.57 on January 31, 2019. Robert McLaughlin made a motion to approve the financial report and Greg Bean seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.

ACTION: Approved

VII. ADJOURN - There being no further business, Greg Bean moved and Mike Lynch seconded a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM.


Next Quarterly Meeting       TBD
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