The Fort Liberty Regional Land Use Advisory Commission (RLUAC) is the leading advocate for coordination and collaboration between Fort Liberty and local governments on issues related to compatible growth and environmental sustainability in the North Carolina Sandhills region. RLUAC is statutory Interlocal Cooperation organization established by its local government members under NCGS 160A, Article 20, Part 1. RLUAC currently consists of twenty-three units of local government: eight counties and 15 municipalities. A 9-member Board of Directors leads the organization and an Executive Director administers its day-to-day activities. The 30-year-old organization was the first regional group established in the country to coordinate land use decisions between the military and the local governments.


Our Mission

The mission of the Fort Liberty Regional Land Use Advisory Commission is to:

  • Provide a forum for communication between Fort Liberty and local governments;
  • Educate and inform local government leaders, the development community, legislative representatives, and the general public about compatible growth and environmental issues;
  • Provide local governments with timely, credible, and authoritative analysis of the compatibility of land use and development proposals;
  • Assist local governments with the adoption of plans and policies that foster compatible growth and protect critical environmental resources; and
  • Preserve and protect Fort Liberty’s training and operational mission from incompatible civilian development patterns and environmental degredation.

Upcoming Events

RLUAC Quarterly Meeting

Date: Thursday May 16, 2024

Time: 10:30 am

Location: Fort Liberty Traning and Education Center  (4520 Knox St, Fort Liberty, NC 28307)